About Mari & Johnny


We dated for most of our twenties before finally getting married. When we met, I was a study-obsessed undergrad student, and Johnny was an athlete recovering from a broken back. Fast forward nearly seven years - we never could have imagined that, as of the date of our wedding, we would have lost a parent to cancer and been thrown into the most painful and growth-provoking period of our lives.

Today, we are newlyweds living in our 105-year-old farmhouse in Orange County, CA, which Johnny loves improving and I love decorating. Our home was the venue for our May 2014 wedding, a choice that was difficult to execute, but one that resulted in an overwhelmingly beautiful day. 

With the wedding (and now my graduate school program) behind us, Johnny and I have turned our attention back to our life and marriage, all in the setting of our beloved historic Farmhouse, one project, moment, and self-discovery at a time.