Farmhouse detail: cottage decor

Since finishing the remodel of our guest bedroom and DIY installation of shiplap on the walls, some decor details have fallen into place that continue the cottage-like customization of the room.

Gallery Wall | Married At Home

I completed the gallery wall by filling the frames with our artwork and photos, many of which are images of the "Romantic Retreat" cottage at Crystal Cove, the place that inspired the entire look of the room. Also framed is the Coastal Living magazine cover featuring the cottage itself, a cover which also adorns a wall inside the Romantic Retreat. Most exciting is that, after much searching, I was able to find a copy of this March 2007 issue for myself to keep as permanent reading material in the room!

Coastal Living | Married At Home

The bedside area has turned into a delightful focal point for the space. I knew I wanted to find a worn-looking ladder to hold some of the blankets that give the room its cozy feel, and thankfully I didn’t have to look far. This four-foot tall Amazon option was under $30, and is the perfect anchor to that corner of the room. And I love the mischievous character brought to the bedside by these bronze-hued figurines found at Target!

Bedside Details | Married At Home

My favorite piece in the room, and also the most unusual, is this 12-foot vintage assessor’s measuring rod that Johnny and I found at a yard sale. The sale was held at my favorite Victorian-style farmhouse in Santa Ana, tucked away in a corner of the neighborhood I used to live in. The yard sales at that house always featured the most unique and unusual vintage finds, and this was no exception. With its red-and-black numbering and time-worn wood and steel frame, it’s got just the eclectic presence that makes it a natural fit in the room.

I am loving the process of filling in the decor on our guest room piece-by-piece. I can’t wait to see what cottage-inspired elements will find a home there next!