At home: using the sunroom

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I insisted on using the sunniest room in our home as my girlcave, aka the sunroom. It features my pride and joy, my photo wall featuring The Bayer, a white unicorn head from White Faux Taxidermy.

I loaded the room up with my favorite magazines: Real Simple, Better Homes & Gardens, Marie Claire, and even my vintage stack of American Girl Magazines, and dressed it up with white lace curtains and a fuzzy faux-fur throw!

Johnny likes to tease me that for all the work I had put into the sunroom, I had yet to use it once to read, and up until today, he was right. For some reason, I didn't feel like I was allowed to use my sunroom until the last wedding task had been completed. So today, after I finished writing the final thank-you note, I celebrated the occasion by using my sunroom for the first time.

On tap today: Getting Past OK by Richard Brodie.

He writes, "People get seriously interested in improving the quality of their lives in two situations: In the Pits, when things are so bad that they couldn't possibly get any worse; and just on the other side of the Top of the World, when everything they thought would make them happy has happened, and they're not."

So much to think about.

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