Farmhouse detail: reusing the table names

One of the fun after-effects of having an at-home wedding has been getting to reuse pieces of wedding decor in various places around the house. Because the farmhouse itself was the central theme bringing the decor together, the pieces naturally found their homes in various rooms of the house.

As a fun way to tie the wedding into the characteristics of the venue, we named each table after a tree or flower growing on our property (catch a glimpse of the Avocado head table below).

After the wedding, we were left with these twelve beautiful blocks of salvaged barnwood, kindly custom-made for us by Paper Walrus on Etsy. Each was lovingly painted with avocado, tangerine, lime, fig, orange, rose, lemon, ash, coastal live oak, peach, lavender or gardenia (the last of which we planted in good faith shortly before the wedding, only to find it dead and dried up by wedding day... sigh).

With twelve wooden steps leading up to our master loft, the barnwood blocks were practically calling out to their new home.

Reusing Table Names | Married At Home

Our Mr. and Mrs. chair signs, another salvaged wood creation by Paper Walrus, found their place in our built-in cabinet among succulents and jars of moss.

Mr and Mrs 2.jpg

There are so many more touches reminiscent of our wedding throughout the farmhouse. I'll be writing about them all soon!