Looking back on our first year

One year ago today, Johnny and I started on the very best adventure of our lives! After the tumultuous year leading up to our wedding, the first year of marriage has been good to us. We have settled into routines that we love, and have taken a lot of joy in renovating and decorating our Farmhouse, room by room. 

Our First Year | Married At Home

Our newlywed year has gone by more quickly than I ever could have anticipated. It seems like just days ago we were celebrating six months! It truly has been a busy time, and although it went by quickly, so much happened along the way. Here are twelve memorable things we experienced during our first twelve months of marriage:


1. We traveled overseas for the first time together (Johnny's first time ever!) for our honeymoon in Santorini, Greece!

2. Johnny got a little bored and built a beautiful back deck (seen here beneath the carnage of the new dormer construction) with his bare hands and a few YouTube tutorials.

Farmhouse Projects | Married At Home

3. We installed our own shiplap on three walls in our Farmhouse, bringing the cottage style of decor that we love so much into our home.

4. We went to Macon, Georgia together for a work event of mine, stayed in a haunted inn (didn't know that part until later!) and had a wonderful time exploring this lovely historic town!

Macon, GA! | Married At Home

5. We ripped up the carpet in our guest bedroom and mancave, found the original 100-year-old hardwood underneath, and painted the wood floors red!

6. We went through the loss of my Grandma together, a crushing experience I couldn't imagine having to endure without his support.

7. I got accepted into grad school to pursue my MBA at USC this fall, a lifelong dream.

8. We traveled, traveled, traveled for work: New Jersey, Chicago, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, South Dakota, Colorado. We don't love being away from each other, but it makes coming back home that much more rewarding!

Sellin' Makeup is Hard! | Married At Home

9. We stayed in a new cottage at Crystal Cove, the Dive Shack, that we loved almost as much as our forever favorite, #33, the Romantic Retreat!

The Dive Shack at Crystal Cove | Married At Home

10. We recently made a bunch of wall decor out of old, reclaimed wood - some of which was original from the roof and walls of our Farmhouse and was removed during the bathroom renovation.

Reclaimed Wood Decor | Married At Home

11. My brother-in-law and I threw Johnny a surprise "Thug Life Thirty" birthday party, as a super fun way to help kick off his next decade!

Thug Life Thirty Party! | Married At Home

12. We completely renovated our upstairs bathroom, a breathtaking transformation that literally brought our dreams from drawings to real life!