Since we've been gone...

Graduated | Married At Home

The year was 2015, I had just started graduate school while still working full-time, Johnny and I had been married for barely a year, and optimism that life could still stay relatively normal was high. It was also WRONG. I soon stopped working out, stopped spending quality time at home, and stopped fueling my creative ambitions by working on this blog.

It's been three years almost to the day I started the program; the day that life changed so drastically. Today I am a certified, real-life MBA from USC, so it's time to embark on our next big adventure... and that is MARRIED AT HOME.

Johnny and I are building this unique digital destination, at the intersection of at-home weddings and farmhouse renovation and design, into its brightest and shiniest shelf. We can't wait to tell you the stories of all the things we've been up to over the past three years (and best of all, what's to come!)

We have...

Adventured in Japan

Hosted yet another wedding at our Farmhouse

Given a TEDx Talk

Spoken on a beauty industry panel

Gotten two little puppies that turned into two BIG sweethearts (IG: @sundayandforest)

Built a greenhouse

Renovated a bathroom

Gone to Desert X

Been models on Shutterfly

Written the book on weddings at home

Painted a surfboard

Launched a design firm

Redone the mancave

Explored Iowa

Found the little church with the steeple

Toured Catalina Island (in a wheelchair!)

... And just enjoyed the Farmhouse as much as we can!