Photo walls between friends

I just love photo walls! I could pin them for days, and I currently have three adorning the walls of the Farmhouse. And thankfully, there is someone else out there who understands my obsession!

My BFF | Married At Home

This sweet girl is Sammie, my BFF since middle school. It has been a big year for her! One year ago today, she and her long-time love Ryan were married. Soon after that, they bought a brand new house (it wasn't even built yet!) in an adorable, close-knit neighborhood in Chico.

Sammie has decorated her home beautifully, and I am proud to say that part of her decor was inspired by my sunroom photo wall! After visiting the Farmhouse for the first time to throw me the world's most adorable bridal shower, Sammie used photos of my sunroom to help her carefully lay out her own photo wall in the entryway of her new home.

Photo Wall Planning | Married At Home

Yes, unlike the haphazard, build-as-we-go method Johnny and I used for my sunroom wall (risky!) Sammie and Ryan actually planned each frame, photo and placement long before they hammered the first nail, including a shadowbox chock-full with memories from their wedding day.

The result was this gorgeous statement wall (take a peek a that oh-so-lovely wainscoating!) that so perfectly personalizes the space.

Sammie's Photo Wall | Married At Home

Sammie and Ryan took the gallery wall concept one step further, creating a second wall that combines pieces of artwork, personal photographs, and even a dried bouquet. And not just any bouquet - that's a bridesmaid bouquet from my wedding! What an honor (the fact that she managed to bring it 500 miles back home is pretty amazing), and an example of her creativity and sentimental sense of design!

Gallery Wall | Married At Home