Farmhouse detail: Mancave Monday

The Farmhouse has four bedrooms, and each one has a purpose: the office, the guest room, the master bedroom loft… and the mancave.

The Mancave | Married At Home

The mancave might be the most important room in the house. It lets Johnny have his own space, including a walk-in closet (since I took over the one upstairs, oops), and - most critically - a place for him to keep his dozens of cycling kits, which occasionally smell like he - ahem - went cycling in them. So you can see why this requires its own room.

With custom-made stainless furniture to store his gear, Johnny had already gone a long way toward making the room his own. But our recent discovery of original hardwood floors underneath the carpet in two of our downstairs bedrooms, and ultimately our decision to paint the floors red, brought the mancave to an entirely new level of awesome.

And it didn't stop there. Inspired to embellish the floors even more, Johnny freehanded his personal logo right in the middle of the room, like a boss.

Painted Wood Floors | Married At Home

While it's still a work in progress, the mancave has made a complete "man-sformation" from how it looked when we bought the Farmhouse. It is definitely serving its purpose as a place for Johnny to store everything he loves in the manliest way possible, and in a house dotted with feminine accents and details (I try not to go overboard!) I am sure he is grateful to have a chick-free zone that is just for him!

Mancave Transformation | Married At Home