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Sex And the City | Married At Home

Sex and the City has been a special force in my life. The lilting intro music has the power to instantly change my mood, and the trailing saxophone tones of the outro leave me feeling wistful without even trying. While the show was on live it was a bit ahead of my time and cable subscription status, so I bonded with it mostly over reruns during college. Then when I transferred schools and moved away from my hometown for the first time, my roommate had the entire series on DVD. I watched every single episode during that year, and it become a bright spot in a time that was otherwise very lonely and painful. Because of this, I will always hold Sex and the City in my heart as a warm blanket of comfort and familiarity.

Sex And the City | Married At Home

Today, I own the entire series myself, and although I'm not sure if I will ever watch it all the way through again, I oddly feel better about my life just knowing that I can. And catching a couple of late-series reruns on this Friday afternoon was just what I needed. The first episode was Splat!, where the sudden and traumatic death of a destructive friend and party girl who never grew up leaves Carrie rethinking her own life. And then in An American Girl In Paris (Part Une), Samantha removes her wig while making a speech at a breast cancer benefit, revealing her jarringly short and dark hair, the result of her chemo treatments. These were two of the very last episodes of the series, and they both grabbed me in new ways as if I had seen them for the very first time.

I love this show. I feel I owe this show something. And this will always, always make me cry:


It is the ultimate reminder that, for all the men throughout this show, it is truly the love story of four girlfriends. And a city.