Farmhouse detail: the sunroom

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For a long time, I have had in my mind a vision of a sunny reading room in a cozy home, but it was always sort of a mental safe space and a dream - until our farmhouse made it come true.

I had imagined light streaming through large windows overlooking a beautiful garden, into a room overflowing with feminine textures and details, and stacks of well-organized magazines that I could dive into at will.

The Sunroom | Married At Home

That my sunroom was born from a dream I had saved in my mind, but never imagined would actually materialize, makes the space even more magical for me - as if it almost shouldn't exist because it was too precious to actually come true.

Thanks to my husband's patience in endlessly hanging up perfectly-spaced but randomly-placed picture frames and relenting to my complete feminization of the square footage (complete with the perfect chandelier from Pottery Barn Kids and a unicorn head from White Faux Taxidermy), the dream blossomed into something even more special than I had ever visualized.

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